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Frequently Asked Questions


What ages and types of models do Jones Model and Talent Management represent? Jones Model and Talent Management is a modeling agency, development and management company that will represent any person that has MOJO. This means there's something that's special about you that connect to both the camera and the client. We market models/talent that is from the ages of 3 to their 60's, as long as the MOJO is there!

Do Jones Model and Talent Management represent ethnic models? Yes, Jones Model and Talent Management represent all ethnicities.

Do you require exclusive contracts? Jones Model and Talent offer 6 month exclusive contracts to its models and talent, which offers $3,000 in services, such as free photo sessions, free online portfolio books, free digital comp/zed cards and first priority to any assignments. View contract here.

Management will also help the model develop and improve upon his portfolio. A portfolio is a model's most important tool to showcase his work as a model, which he can present to potential clients for possible modeling assignments.

Do Jones Model and Talent Management require composite cards? How much do they cost? Will you help me get them? Composite cards are highly recommended and Jones Model and Talent Management will develop the best composite card for your niche market.

Jones Model and Talent Management will select and design a digital composite that's printable at a moment's notice to contracted models.


  • What are the duties of a manager/agent? A manager/agent's duties are as follows:

  • Represent you in all matters concerning modeling, no matter the type. 

  • Negotiate all deals w/ any client pertaining to modeling, no matter the type. 

  • To speak on your behalf for anything pertaining to modeling, no matter the type, so you do not have to and can receive the best deal from it. 

  • To mail, email and call clients on your behalf to acquire and/or schedule go-sees and bookings. 

  • To email and/or call you, the model when there's a go-see and/or booking that you been selected to do 

  • To develop your portfolio and composite card to be the best marketable for your look in order for clients to be interested in you. 

  • To develop any marketing in promoting models and Jones Model Management, as a whole.

Agents/managers are advocates, spokespersons, negotiators and PR reps, all mixed into one (until a model can afford to have each, individually).

There is no better way to become a successful model than by being represented by a reputable modeling agency. It is the agency that can provide an aspirant with the professional expertise to get modeling jobs and earn him the money he expects from his work. Management companies, such as Jones Model and Talent Management guides in development and negotiating deals between clients and agents on the model's behalf.

Can an agency guarantee me work? NO agency CAN guarantee anything! They are only provide the means to the necessary go-sees. It's up to the client and the client, alone that can book a model for an assignment. However, if you fit the requirements of the client, you have a high-assurance to receive the "job."


Provide us with an overview of the modeling industry. How big is it? What are the opportunities available for a new and aspiring model? Modeling today is glamorous and exciting, challenging and competitive. Opportunities abound, yet being a model is not as easy as it seems.

A model can work in the following areas:
Commercial/editorial print and catalog modeling: anyone who work in these fields can earn anywhere from the low end of unfortunately exposure work (a necessary evil in modeling) to $100 to $300 an hour to the high end of $500 - $50,000 a day.

Print (editorial) models are those who pose for professional photographers, interpreting a certain theme or concept. The output is referred to as photo shoots and these are featured in fashion magazines as either cover or features in its pages.

Commercial print modeling: a rather select number of models, who were chosen to promote a particular product. The work of the model can be seen as either billboard, ads appearing on buses and on print publications.

Catalog modeling: are those hired to appear in fashion catalogs and sell everyday products. A model for catalog need not worry about height and body requirements as the need for a model in these areas maybe different from the usual model requirements.

Ramp modeling: the glamorous side of modeling, reserved to the so-called runway models. A ramp model needs to possess outstanding personality, the ability to stand out from the rest, show lots of confidence, grace and poise in front of a highly discriminating audience.

A ramp model need to pass rigid requirements: He should be at least 6'0" and has a great body built. A female ramp model must be at least 5'8". However, there has been exceptions to the rule and models are now walking at ANY HEIGHT.

The modeling industry is now a global business. Models are required to travel around the world for work; there they meet different clients, photographers, stylists and media experts. They are also expected to be ready for work at a moments notice.

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