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EVENT RECAP: '90's Birthday Bash' for Kwame, DJ Wiz and Kid from KidnPlay

On Sunday, March 14th a "90's Birthday Bash" for Kwame, DJ Wiz and Kid from KidnPlay was held at District 7 in Los Angeles, CA, which was hosted by the legendary lyricists, Dana Dane and YoYo


Kwamé (born 1973) is an American rapper who enjoyed brief popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He is currently a music producer, sometimes credited as K-1 Million or K1 Mil.

DJ WIZ! A legendary hip-hop DJ from the rap group Kid N'Play! DJ WIZ is the all-round professional and master of all music genres

Christopher 'Kid' Reid (born April 5, 1968), formerly known as Kid /Coolout is an American actor, comedian and former rapper. During the peak of his career with the rap duo Kid 'n Play (with Christopher Martin), Reid was notable for his exaggerated hi-top fade haircut.

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